Kristy's Zumba in Lebanon 
How's everyone doing with eating and exercising?  It's really crunch time now...with warmer weather right around the corner!  The goal is to stay fit and healthy all year round, but we all do it - come April & May we are hitting the calories with two fists trying to drop those pesky pounds we put on over the winter months. 

I know I am guilty of this as well.  I started weaving in some other workouts during the week: yoga, insanity, running.  And boy can I tell I've been slacking!  I'm so sore after running in the beautiful weather on Monday!  But it was great to get outside.

My eating has been pretty good.  Some unhealthy snacks here and there, but I've really been trying to make sure I'm eating enough calories.  I think sometimes we are so worried about eating healthy that we forget to actually track the amount of calories.  Not eating enough can also cause the body to pack on the pounds!  Keeping a food journal is a great way to monitor your eating habits...even if you only do it for a few days.

What have you been doing to try to get ready for shorts and tank tops?  Or...have you been good over winter with no worries about the lack of layers of clothing?! 

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