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Last night at class some of you caught me munching away on my "Snack #2".  I was eating an apple with almond butter.  YUM!  I also had a weekly menu sitting out and some of you were asking about it.  I thought I'd take a few minutes and explain a little bit about Clean Eating and why I try to do it. 

Clean Eating is simply eating foods at their most natural state or without a lot of ingredients added or processing done.  Examples include fresh fruit & veggies, fresh meat (pork, chicken, beef, fish, etc), complex carbs and whole grains, etc.  It eliminates extra ingredients (you know...the ones you can't pronounce!) without eliminating a lot of foods. 

It's a great way to eat healthy and feel good about your eating habits.  It's also very simple and can be easily added into your diet.  And when I say diet, I don't mean cutting a ton of calories and limiting yourself to things you hate to eat.  Clean Eating is simply a way of eating, not a diet.  It replaces some of the more processed foods, which are typically the ones packed with empty calories, sugars, sodium, etc with healthier options.  So...I still eat dessert if I want, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks! is fuel for your body, that's it!  It's like going to the gas station and filling up.  You want the most gas for your dollar.  Eating clean provides that...more foods packed with vitamins and minerals and usually less calories!

Check out a site I use often.  I also subscribe to their magazine which has a ton of great recipes and a 2 week meal planner in the back of every issue.  I used bits and pieces of the meal plannners to put together my own menu for a week.

I was fortunate enough to receive their cookbook as a Christmas gift from my Mom this year too!  AWESOME!

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