Kristy's Zumba in Lebanon 
I did great this week with my workouts! 

Tuesday & Thursday I taught Bodypump & Zumba (+Toning on Thurs).  Monday & Wednesday I did cardio interal workouts at home.  I plan to do the same tonight as well.  I'm trying these Insanity workout DVDs...they are killer but a great workout for me.

Eating wasn't to shabby this week.
Monday I had chicken parm w/ whole wheat pasta
Tuesday I had lean beef tacos (with lettuce, salsa, cheese)
Wednesday I had left over tacos
Thursday I had left over chicken parm.

I had oatmeal and OJ everyday for breakfast and a lean cuisine pizza or small steamer meal for lunch.  Snacks include apples everyday, popcorn everyday, fiber one bars, dark chocolate, pretzels and pita chips.  And of course I had some ice cream this week!  I love ice cream!

Some of you have asked me about eating habits and I've noticed that for some people it seems like you may not be eating enough.  Start tracking what you eat.  Make sure you take into account everything like candy, drinks, snacks, and of course meals.  Are you getting enough calories, protein, sugar, carbs? 
Eating too little can sometimes cause a plateau in weight loss.  Your body NEEDS food and it NEEDS healthy food!  It especially needs food on days you plan to workout.  My Tues & Thurs I eat alllll day long.  And I EAT CARBS!  If I didn't I would literally pass out during my second class. 
Eating after you workout is the best time because your body is craving fuel.  You just used it up now replace it.  You metabolism is at a high point after exercise. 

Also, a lot of insurance companies will provide a free session or 2 with a it!  It may help you lose those last few pounds. 

And just from personal experience and all my hours of college courses/studying...fad diets don't work.  That's why they are called "fad diets".  Plus, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!  A general diet given to thousands of people will not work.  If you want to eat healthier it needs to be something that you can stick with and maintain or it won't work.  Sure, you may lose 10lbs right off the bat, but what happens 6 months from now when you are sick of the "diet"?  Boom...weight comes back.  Make educated, healthy changes in your eating habits that you like and that you will stick with. 

Good Luck!

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