Kristy's Zumba in Lebanon 
Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  As most of you know I've been super busy with snowmobiling, working, and of course tracking down all the details on our NEW LOCATION!  Yippie!

My workouts have literally been teaching my classes, so I'm really off track.  My goal is get back on track this weekend.  I started today with doing 1 session of Horizontal Conditioning ( and one cardio DVD of the Insanity Workout (

As for eating....I do have one new Clean Recipe to post...Shrimp Couscous.  It was really good!  Last night I made the Black Eyed Pea Soup again..can't get enough of it.  See the Recipes blog for the down & dirty on this easy meal.  I'll keep you posted on more recipes and workouts as I get myself back on track!
3/9/2011 04:27:56 am

I've been pretty good these last weeks with diet & exercise but not at posting any of it as proof! So, I'm starting today to post again. I've been eating lighter and working out more trying to lose a few pounds and have been successful. Still would like to take off about 5 lbs yet. Breakfast today was toast with p butter and Nutella (love that stuff) and an apple. Lunch was tuna, Triscuits (only 5) and half a green pepper and losts of water. Did 30 minutes on the stationary bike with intervals of fast & slow speeds. Feeling a little stiff from running on Monday then toning & Zumba last night but also feel healthier too so it's worth the effort. I'll have some meat & 2 veggies tonight for dinner plus 1 fruit to round off the day. Note to all: It is extremely difficult to lose weight after age 45!!! Before that, I could easily lose a few pounds but not any more. But, I feel good, have decent muscle tone and if I can't lose those last 5 lbs, it's fine. At least I have my health!

3/10/2011 04:15:31 am

It's Thursday and tonight is the big event! Zumba comes to The Hose! yea!!!! I did good so far today with diet & exercise gearing up for a rip-roaring Toning & Zumba tonight...hope I can keep up with all you youngsters...ha ha. Breakfast was Special K cereal with sliced banana, cinnamon & low fat milk. Lunch was a tuna sandwich with lowfat mayo with 2 slices of bread. PM snack - half a pink grapefruit. I did sneak a few Hershey Kisses.....need my strenghth, right? After a light snack after work, it's off to Toning & Zumba for a fun-packed evening in the new digs!

3/10/2011 04:18:50 am

Forgot the important part on my blog was my weight training day at the Fitness Center. Warmed up on the StairMaster then off to the free weights & equipment for 30 minutes of arms, legs, butt, abs & every other body part known to man.....strength training. It's great for me and makes me feel so much stronger & healthier. My job has me sitting at a desk and in front of a computer most of the day so I MUST get moving to get the circulation going as much as I can.

3/12/2011 08:25:34 am

Oh my... YoMaMa is doing great! I wish I was as motivated to eat healthy and exercise!


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