Kristy's Zumba in Lebanon 
Friday thru Monday....

I definitely ate a little bad this weekend, but for a GREAT reason!  I was up in Northern PA snowmobiling so I got a killer workout for about 6-7 hours on Saturday.  I don't feel bad at all for eating some yummy bar food!  And actually I still did pretty well.  I had a buffalo chicken salad, broccoli and hot pepper pizza, broiled haddock & shrimp, crab cakes & asparagus,  I had egg & bacon sandwiches for breakfast each morning...YUM!  My guilt kicks in at the ice cream and raspberry cheese cake!  TO DIE FOR!!! 

Despite my not so great clean eating this past weekend, I was so sweaty from riding snowmobile that I actually had to shed layers of clothing while on top of the mountain in Tioga County!  So, I was definitely working.  And, I was very sore Sunday and Monday!  Holding your body weight on a snowmobile while hitting snow drifts at about 40-60mph definitely works some of those hidden muscles! 

See you tonight for Toning and Zumba!

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