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Here is a sample of a menu that I made.  Again, I am NOT a nutritionist, this is just something I put together for myself.  You can exchange foods if you don't like something, but try to keep it clean and the from the same group. don't like walnuts exchange them with another protein such as almonds or deli turkey.  You don't like it for another low fat dairy such as skim milk.  The point of this is to eat clean and keep your body fueled thru out the day.  Drink lots of water and remember drinks count towards your overall calories, fat, sugar, carbs, etc.  So limit sodas, alcohol, sugary juices, sugary coffees, etc.

Also, make sure you are getting your workouts in.  Losing weight and getting healthy is a combinations of healthy eating and exercise.  Aim for 30 mins at least

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