Kristy's Zumba in Lebanon 
Nothing Special today...just SNOW!

Breakfast: Banana, OJ (definitely need MORE)
Lunch: Lean Cuisine 4 cheese pizza
Snack: Apple, Fiber One Bar
Between Classes: Special K Protein Bar
Dinner: Leftover chicken from yesterday & PLAIN pasta (haha - since I threw away the sauce!)

KILLER Bodypump Class at LVC - 50 mins
Zumba Toning - 30 mins
Regular Zumba - 45 mins

Needless to say I was exhausted last night!!!! 
1/18/2011 09:42:07 pm

So far so good with food today. A small bowl of Special K cereal with blueberries and cinnamon with low fat milk. A cup of coffee and half a pink grapefruit for my 9:00 am snack. Almonds later with a turkey, swiss cheese on rye bread for lunch. Hopefully the candy dish in my office stops screaming at me today! It's there for our students but I seem to eat most of it. Plus, lots of water. And, I'll make 100% effort to get to the gym over lunch too. A little help please!!!!

1/19/2011 10:36:58 pm

Great job with your eating!!! All healthy! And, are there any dark chocolate pieces of candy in that dish?!?!? Not a bad idea to pop a few small bites of dark choco everyday! Satisfies that sweet tooth, is a claimed "mood booster", and has some of it's own health benefits...

Check it out!

1/20/2011 06:55:06 am

Wow, what a workout!! With toning and Zumba, I was totally worn out but it felt good to know that I made it thru without quitting.....even though I was a bit of a slacker that last 20 minutes or so. :)

1/21/2011 02:15:51 am

Debbie you did GREAT! 90 minutes of working out is no easy task! Being a little tired by the end of that workout means you pushed it for the beginning and middle...GOOD JOB!


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